Diet Diaries: Overview

It is all about balance

** note this article was written before I decided to try a plant based diet... which I am currently on (: **

As a college student, I am constantly on the go. In order to ensure I maintain a healthy diet, I have to plan ahead or else I get stuck with limited on-campus options that are not at all ideal. My whole life I have always liked making my own food from scratch, but college has forced me to consider convenience.

I try to keep an 80/20 routine and give myself one or two days a week to enjoy myself and just not worry about it. Right now, I have increased my protein intake in efforts to build muscle mass. I track my food in my head and exercise on paper(:

Guidelines for:

Red Meat

-       Chicken, turkey, eggs and fish only. The reason I don’t eat red meat is because it messes up my stomach. I noticed in the past the correlation of red meat and not feeling well so I took it out of my diet over a year ago. The ONLY time I eat dark meat is when my mom and grandma make our homemade Italian pasta and meatballs. It is my families tradition and there is no way I will ever give up my roots. Plus, it is only ever on holidays or when I return home after being away, so I consider it a treat and make sure to eat it in moderation so I do not make myself sick.


-       No cheese, no milk. I am a little more lenient here as I do enjoy Greek yogurt as a probiotic to help with digestion sometimes. I leave dairy out of my diet because it poorly affects my sinuses. Poor sinus conditions run in my family and getting rid of most dairy has helped me a lot.

Whole Grains

-       My carbohydrate intake is about 90% whole grains. I switched to whole grains a year and a half ago and have stuck to it ever since. It is a lot easier than you think to switch to whole grain and multigrain breads and crackers. Nowadays half the products on the shelf fall under this category.


-       I have not had soda since I was a sophomore in high school. I was never really a fan and I have never missed it. I love tea, water and wine so I stick to those three beverages.

In a typical day I eat…

Wake up

-       Chug water before anything else

-       Some type of tea (mostly green tea with matcha & lemon)


-       2 Eggs and Avocado Toast


-       Fruit smoothie, Protein smoothie


-       Turkey Sandwich (mustard, tomatoes, lettuce on whole grain bread)


-      Spinach and Romaine Lettuce Salad with Chicken and Veggies


-       Chicken or Fish (cooked or raw)

-       Veggies (spinach, broccoli and brussel sprouts are my fav)


-       Hummus 

-       Apple or banana

-       Almonds

-       Gluten Free Pretzels

Guilty Pleasures

-      Dark Chocolate 

-      Red Wine

This is what I would say is a typical day but I really enjoy switching things up so I don't get bored.

**I chug water throughout the day as well**