Guest Column: How to Spin

The indoor cycle craze continuously captures the attention of those looking to find a alternative way to get their heart rate up. The great thing about it, is if you try it once, I can almost guarantee you will come back again. But the reason cycling is badass... especially in classes... is because everyone who wants to be successful will find a coach.

Cycling is an upbeat way to get people moving and sweaty. The clock will run out of time before you even know it. 

1.     Your RIDE

This workout that is perfect for any level of fitness because there is no experience needed. Whether you are a beginner or advanced, everyone can participate. Although the instructor guides you, ultimately it is your bike that you can control to whatever pace is good for you.

2.     Calorie Burn

Cycling has a high energy peak burn. Not only are you defining and leaning your legs, but you are getting your heart rate up for a full body workout to burn calories, fast. The resistance knob is your best friend during class, as the instructors help add difficulty of your ride making it easy to burn upwards of 500 plus calories. Those who regularly come to spin have also gotten used to that sore butt feeling, and man does it feel good.

3.     Lost in the Music

Part of the love for the ride has to do with the music.  The lights turn off, you start to pedal and then you're lost in the ride. Soon enough you will feed off the energy of the music, and the high intensity will keep you motivated and pedaling for more. There is nothing like pedaling to a good beat. After taking numerous classes you will find what instructor you like best, and from there you are unstoppable. 


Instructors almost guarantee that you will never have a boring workout. You know when you are walking up to your bike that you are going to work for the next 30 mins to an hour. Like in any group fitness setting, the positive environment of people trying to do good for themselves is contagious. I like to bring a sense of team spirit to my classes. Heck I have participants come just because they say I help them get away from their responsibilities for the hour we are on the bike. 

5.     Positive Environment

You are in a room with dozens of others all there for different reasons, but sharing a common goal. To let your day go, let all the stressors go, and gain some mental clarity in a nonjudgmental environment. This accomplishment feels better than most as you WILL leave feeling euphoric. 

Example Spin Circuit:

Warm up

- 5 mins, never drop below 80 RPBMS, hold 80-85, level 8-10

Speed Intervals

- 30 sec sprint, 100-110 max RPM

- 30 sec recovery, 80-85 RPM

- 20 repetitions

- level 8-12


- Start at level 10

- Increase resistance every 30 secs

- Begin decline when you reach level 20

- Decrease level every 30 sec

- Maintain steady RPM, 80+ at bottom, 50-80 on top

Cool down

- 5 mins, 70 RPM, level 8