Biggest Pet Peeves About The Gym

If working out wasn't hard enough already!

Being in a relationship with the gym has its ups and downs. Sometimes you love each other, and sometimes you hate each other. When it comes to the gym, there are times you won’t even want to see each other at all.

It is easy to criticize the gym and blame it for being a relevant aspect of society. When you go to the gym, it always seems there is someone doing something just to piss you off. Maybe not all the time for those enthused about working out, but you sure have run into these 10 biggest pet peeves people have about the gym.

The big one is, Busy gyms in general

The gym being packed is a reason just to turn around and go home. During gym time rush hour, it is guaranteed you will have a hard time getting your workout in.

When someone gets on the treadmill next to you

Especially when there isn’t a low supply of them. The worst is when someone attractive comes next to you, and you now feel the need to crank up the speed and prove you have good stamina.

Too many trainers

Trainers are expensive. We would all have them if we could. Nothing is worse than being watched by a trainer while you’re attempting to work out. They won’t share their knowledge on how to better your workout and will instead just judge you and make you feel like you could be doing everything wrong.

When classes are too full

Going all the way to the gym only to not get into your preplanned workout with your favorite instructor is the worst. Especially when gyms are so popular that you have to sign up or are even put on a waitlist. 

Chatty Cathy’s

Waiting around defeats the purpose of trying to be active. So when people decide to talk about their life story while occupying equipment, being at the gym can get quiet frustrating.

That one guy who grunts and screams while lifting

Can you please just not do that. We have all already been distracted by the veins protruding out of your muscles. We do not need audio as well.

Women who get dressed up to workout

Makeup and all. All girls feel this one. Why if you plan on sweating, would you want to put makeup on? No one will ever know. 

When people think you are working out to loose weight

Maybe you are or maybe you aren’t. Everyone has different goals and reasons for getting active. Although weight maintenance is a common goal of gym goers, when pursuing a fitness journey, some people simply like to get active in order to cater to their body and feel good.